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You are registering to be a candidate participant in the project “A Brush With Philosophy”.

If you are selected, you will take part in a video conversation on a topic of your choice among three: a) Love; b) Anxiety; c) Moral Growth.

The concept is fairly simple: an opportunity for you to discuss a “real-life” problem and test which benefits a philosophical discussion can bring. You will be matched with an expert who is going to be your guide in the quest for conceptual clarity. The session progresses in three easy stages (1) pick your topic and receive a one page-primer that’ll get you thinking and probably a bit puzzled; (2) Tune into your Zoom appointment at the agreed time with your hand-selected guide and they’ll take you through the puzzle; (3) After a 15-minute consultation we’ll ask you how it all went and whether you would recommend the experience.

During your meeting, an artist will be sketching so that they can produce a portrait of your ‘a-ha’ moment. Your portrait and the video will feature on our website.

Total video length 15 minutes. Recorded on Zoom.

Here are topics. Just fill in the form and select your preferred topic and sit back while we do the rest.

1) Love – a Moral Emotion?

Loving someone suggests you favour them above others. Meanwhile morality is said to be impartial. But this is odd if we think that being loving and moral goodness go hand in hand. How might we make sense of our intellectual or rational belief that morality is impartial and our emotional commitment to prioritise our love ones? Can love be moral? Or does acting out of love preclude you from acting morally?

2) Beautiful Love?

How are Beauty and Love linked (if they are linked all)? Disney tales and rom-coms suggest that beauty triggers love. More insidiously, we are bombarded by messaging that suggests our ability to pick up on beauty or appreciate it lovingly is a gateway to some elevated state of being. Often the connoisseur is portrayed as more morally sensitive in virtue of their sensitivity to beauty. And it might surprise you to know that such links have ancient cultural connections. But what should we say when the love of the beautiful seems to come apart from the good? Are evil people just as sensitive to the beautiful as we (good) people are? Can we love ugliness? Or is it only by loving something that it becomes beautiful?

3) Is Love a 21st century Deity?

To the Love Island fan a certain sort of romantic, even erotic, love has become a kind of holy grail. But when love gets that ‘big’ is there any room left to love the particular person one purports to be unable to live without? Has the notion of love run away with itself? Has love become a new religion? What is love for? Is it for making the beloved clear, visible and rooted? Or to make the beloved a stepping stone to love itself. Love as a new divinity.

4) What is Anxiety?

Our society is increasingly based on performance. Since we were kids, most of our value has been measured in how successful we are in anything we do – from work to activism, from saving money to recycling – how many attainments we got, how long our latest relationship lasted. This seems to generate widespread anxiety, stress, and fear of failure. But is Anxiety essential for a life well-lived? What is Anxiety? Should anxiety be eliminated or is it part of the game of life?

5) How May I Maximize My Moral Growth?

Life is often described as a journey through which we are supposed to grow, become kinder people, not repeating old mistakes, do some good, make the world a better place. We are used to seeing life as goal-oriented, aimed at the realization of some values, or some objectives. But who sets these values? What is moral growth? Should I maximize my moral growth or can I be a little be naughty sometimes and still be good?

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