One of the central aims of the CPVA is to develop research that draws on a combination of artistic, curatorial and philosophical methods, and to share that research with a wider audience. Any publications made for – or in context of – the CPVA will be featured on this page.

  • The Holzwege of Heidegger and Finlay, Sacha Golob and Kathleen McKay, Evental Aesthetics Vol. 5 (1) 2016, view full PDF.

On both conceptual and methodological levels, this article explores the relationship between Martin Heidegger’s philosophy and the work of the poet and visual artist Ian Hamilton Finlay. At the center of Heidegger’s account of experience is the notion of the clearing or the open, a space within which and against which entities are “disclosed” or become fully apparent. The purpose of this text is to examine how Finlay’s work might be seen as a response to this Heideggerian framework. In particular we look to the poet’s garden Little Sparta, part of which instantiates Heidegger’s vision of the clearing and of the “Holzwege” or “wood paths” that shape it. We demonstrate the way in which Little Sparta sustains a distinctive form of aesthetic inquiry, from our initial state of doubt in the Holzwege thicket to a deeper understanding of the process of meaning.

  • On Dedication, Harald den Breejen (Ed.), published by CPVA 2016, five-part publication,  view interactive PDF (or follow links below for individual PDFs)

On Dedication was an exhibition and publication organised by the CPVA in collaboration with Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam. Contributors to the publication were made in collaborations between Ben Van den Berghe, Edi Danartono and Koen Sels (view PDF), Harald den Breejen and Christopher Hamilton (view PDF), Kathleen McKay and Sacha Golob (view PDF), Jeremy Millar and Marcel Barnard (view PDF), and Joseph Noonan-Ganley and Ciara Finnegan (view PDF). Documentation of the exhibition can be found here.