In a Nutshell: Ted Hunt & the Philosophy of Time.

Welcome to the new ‘Nutshells’ section. This is part of an ongoing project in collaboration with King’s College, London to engage with artists on a more informal level and explore contact points between contemporary academic philosophy and current art making practices. Each Nutshell begins with a brief introductory summary that contextualizes the artist’s work and is followed by an edited transcript of the dialogue.

The  first Nutshell features Ted Hunt, Read it here


Salon: Kasia Molga and Sacha Golob in Collaboration with TCCE

In this salon, CPVA director Sacha Golob meets Kasia Molga. Molga is a fusion artist working mixing media art, interaction design, environmental science and creative coding & technology to working on the intersection of art, science, design and technology. She examines human perception and relationship with the planet/nature/environment in the increasingly technologically mediated world in a context of environmental changes and unforeseen futures. She does so by exploring various aspects of transmitting and manifesting real time environmental and biological data.

Kasia Molga and Philosopher Dr Sacha Golob discussed the Digital, the Immersive and the Environmental. You can hear the PODCAST, as well as see more photos, here.


Salon: Alinah Azadeh and Sacha Golob in Collaboration with TCCE

Alinah Azadeh is a UK artist working across multiple different media. Whether a small sculpture or a dialogue with a stranger on the street – her works are rooted in the disclosure of intimate poetic and personal narratives, which act as a bridge into the work for others to take. At this salon, Alinah discuss with Philosopher Sacha Golob how, through acts of gift, ritual and playful exchange, her works create dialogue around the nature of loss, longing and our social and cultural identities.

A full registration of this salon event was recorded, and can be accessed here.