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Treasures of Philosophy and Theology at the National Gallery

Paintings which are believed to hold key religious and philosophical teachings or lessons will be picked out to be discussed in this event. These painting would help provide insight into key philosophical questions such as ‘what is a good life’, ‘how should one live’ and ‘how should one address suffering/fear/failure in life’. This event will help students in the historical significance of the chosen paintings and how this painting can impart wisdom that may help students in life.

Speakers: Dr Vanessa Brassey (King’s College London) & Professor Ben Quash (King’s College London)

5.00- 5.15pm: Vanessa Brassey’s talk:‘Art, Pray Love: the disclosure of Love in philosophy, prayer and painting’
5:15 -5:30pm Questions for Dr Brassey
5:30-5:45pm: Ben Quash talk
5:45-6:00pm: Questions for Professor Quash

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Coming up in 2021:

Spring 2021: “/Origin\Forward/Slash\ – In Response to Heidegger”. An exhibition hosted by the Flat Time House Gallery in collaboration with the CPVA.

Summer 2021: “Bacon and Philosophy”. A two-day conference organised by the CPVA with King’s College London and the Estate of Francis Bacon.

Summer 2021: “Sound Pictures”. A mix of performances and academic papers on multi-modal appreciation, organised by the CPVA and King’s College London. Sponsored by the British Society of Aesthetics (BSA), King’s College London and the CPVA.