Open Call: Artist-in-Residency 2018


The Centre for Philosophy and Visual Arts, in partnership with Kunsthuis SYB (the Netherlands), is proud to announce a continuation of their joint residency programme. This two-stage residency is an exciting opportunity for artists with an existing interest or curiosity in philosophy to be included in university life, attend the lecture series they applied for, and develop their research, after which they will be awarded time in Kunsthuis SYB to develop (a) new piece(s) of work.

Visual artists working in any discipline or media are invited to write a proposal in response to a topic discussed one of two lecture series. The Search For Meaning, led by Christopher Hamilton, discusses the human condition in light of philosophical and literary sources. The Ethics of Migration, by Sarah Fine, offers an overview of key debates about the ethics of migration in contemporary political philosophy.

For more information about what this residency offers, please download the info pack. To apply, please email us a completed application form, along with a CV and up to 5 images, by midnight on Friday the 3rd of November. We will aim to make our final selection by the 1st of December.

** Update **

Applications for the 2018 residency are now closed, and we are in the process going through all submitted applications. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to apply. We aim to make our final selection by the 1st of December. Applicants will be informed via email, and once our selection has been finalised our resident artists for 2018 will be announced on this website.

CPVA at Tate – ‘All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life’

CPVA is delighted to announce an upcoming series of lectures, panels and workshops examining the philosophical context and implications of Tate Britain’s 2018 ‘All Too Human’ Exhibition.

Girl with a White Dog 1950-1 by Lucian Freud 1922-2011

Details on the exhibition and booking can be found here.

Details on the lectures and workshops will be posted on this page.

CPVA would like to acknowledge the generous support provided for this project by the King’s Cultural Institute.


Practice-Based Research Degrees in the Arts: Problems and Prospects

“There are hundreds of kids in Britain doing PhDs – PhDs! – in fine art….It could not be a worse situation”

Michael Craig-Martin, in Baldessari and Craig-Martin (2009) ‘Conversation’ in Madoff (Ed) Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century), pp 45-6.
Image courtesy of The Wildgoose Memorial Library © Jan

The last decade has seen significant growth in the number of practice-based or practice-led research degrees offered by universities and art schools. This event will examine the problems and prospects for such courses. How do students and supervisors understand the relationship between the practice and thesis components of the project? How should they do so? What are the broader effects on artistic practice of training within such a framework. Ultimately, are practice-based research degrees fit for purpose?

This round table discussion was held on Friday the 24th of March 2017 at King’s College London, and was realised in collaboration with The Culture Capital Exchange. Below is a full recording of the event:

Dr. Jonathan Clark (Head of Research, Trinity Laban Conservatoire)

Prof. Robert Hampson (Distinguished Research and Teaching Fellow, Royal Holloway)

Dr. Jane Wildgoose (Artist, Researcher, Broadcaster)

Dr. Sacha Golob (King’s College London, Philosophy and Director CPVA)

Introduced by:
Evelyn Wilson (The Culture Capital Exchange)


This spring, the CPVA is launching a new initiative that aims to allow artists to develop their practices with the help of access to academia. These mini-residencies will be small-scale, with artists being invited to join lectures, seminars, or meetings that have specific relevance to a project or a body of work. The mini-residency programme will be ongoing, on an ad-hoc basis, and will – for now – be granted by invitation only.

The first artists to be invited to a mini-residency are Melissa Franklin and Cheryl Simmons. They will be welcomed to King’s later this spring, and will take part in a joint presentation with our other artists in residence towards the end of 2017.

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Welcome to resident artist Hester Reeve

CPVA proudly welcomes Hester Reeve to King’s College this spring as one of our two artists in residence. Hester Reeve was selected from nearly a hundred applications to our open call last year to attend John Callanan’s lecture series on Kant’s Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals, in support of her own research project which will explore how thinking conceptually about art’s possibilities can facilitate new agendas for making, composition and materials. After attending a lecture series during the coming term, Reeve will share a residency at Kunsthuis SYB later this year with fellow artist in residence Siobhán Tattan.

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Welcome to resident artist Siobhán Tattan

CPVA proudly welcomes Siobhán Tattan to King’s College London as artist in residence this spring term . Siobhán Tattan was selected from nearly a hundred applications to our open call last year, and will be attending Christopher Hamilton’s module on the Search for Meaning. Hamilton’s focus on literature and tragedic episodes will complement her own research into the romantic in literature, and explore how gestures in staging, sound, tone, and film are used to uphold a character’s wealth of emotions. After attending the lecture series, Tattan will share a residency at Kunsthuis SYB later this year with fellow artist in residence Hester Reeve.

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