CPVA: the Team

Harald den Breejen
(Tate Galleries)

CPVA Founder & Co-Director Harald den Breejen is an artist, curator and philosopher.

Dr. Sacha Golob
(King’s College London).

CPVA Founder & Co-Director Sacha Golob is a philosopher whose main interests are in continental philosophy and the philosophy of art.

Prof. Aaron Wendland
(Massey College, University of Toronto)

CPVA Co-Director Aaron Wendland is a philosopher whose main interests are in phenomenology and the philosophy of art.

Ben Ware
(King’s College, London)

Co-Director Ben Ware is Philosopher in Residence at the Serpentine Galleries, London and a Visiting Research Fellow in Philosophy at King’s College London. His work explores the intersections between philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, politics and psychoanalysis. He is the author of Dialectic of the Ladder: Wittgenstein, the ‘Tractatus’ and Modernism (Bloomsbury, 2015); Living Wrong Life Rightly: Modernism, Ethics and the Political Imagination (Palgrave, 2017); and editor of Francis Bacon: Painting, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (Thames & Hudson, 2019), a collection of essays specially commissioned by the artist’s Estate. He is currently completing work on a new book, Modernism and the Art of the Negative, which will be the final work in his trilogy on modernism and philosophy.

Dr. Vanessa Brassey
(King’s College London)

Contributing Editor and CPVA Co-Director Vanessa Brassey is a researcher whose main interests are in the philosophy of art and aesthetics.