A First Brush with Philosophy

Good Love. No Anxiety. Maximum Moral Growth.

What’s the problem?

You tell us.

We are offering a unique opportunity to clarify your thoughts and explore ways to love better, understand anxiety or maximise your moral growth, by talking to an analytic philosopher. In this way, you’ll be able to test whether philosophy really works!

We are seeking participants for five episodes of “A First Brush with Philosophy“, a 15-minutes philosophical discussion session so you can disentangle a thorny issue. For instance, why do we think morality must be impartial when loving someone is so obviously partial? Does that mean love can’t be moral? Do we love beautiful things, or does our love of something make it beautiful? In our secular age, has Love been deified in order to fill a gap? What is Anxiety? Is Anxiety essential for life well-lived? What is moral growth? How may I maximize my moral growth? Should I maximize my moral growth or can I be a little bit naughty sometimes and still be good?

The production involves a conversation between you and a philosophy expert attended also by a portrait artist.

We want you to…

…by registering your interest and meeting up with our fabulous team for a mere 15 minutes.

Did you know that philosophers are experts in problem solving?

Not only can they solve problems, they’re also a dab hand at finding them – or at least articulating worries in ways that allow us to address them. We’re offering a unique opportunity for you to go straight to the source of expertise and work through some slightly irksome problem or conceptual worry that you be lurking locally, but you can’t quite tease out.

✔︎ Free discussion ✔︎ Free clarity ✔︎ Free brush with philosophy

✔︎ Zoom meeting ✔︎ Range of topics ✔︎ Range of times

How does it work?

(1) You pick a date and time

We speak to the philosophers and match you up with the perfect expert.

We organize a 15-minute discussion so you can enjoy a first experience of the benefits philosophical dialogue brings. The meeting takes place and is recorded on Zoom while your portrait is painted recording the ‘a-ha’ moment.

You’ll receive a one-page primer to frame the discussion.

(2) You pick a topic

Topics on Love


Topics on Anxiety


Topics on Moral Development

(3) We match you up and arrange the zoom call

Ready to get started?